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Dipz Doughnuts

Introducing our new packaging We are really proud to introduce our brand new packaging for 2022. The perfect way to begin the year. We have invested in these fabulous robust packaging to ensure that your tasty treats are delivered to you in perfect condition.


World’s greatest biscuit in a doughnut. A doughnut to die for with an Oreo cheesecake filling, dipped in white chocolate and topped with Oreo crumbs and biscuits,


Eat more of what you love. An indulgent doughnut with a white chocolate sauce filling, dipped in white chocolate and topped with Oreo crumbs and Hershey’s Chocolate.

Our Stores

The opening of Chocolate heaven. Celebrating the opening of the Lancaster store, bringing yummy goodness to the people of Lancaster. 


Don’t act like a diva. Get a Snickers A doughnut filled with caramel and topped with a chocolate glaze, peanuts, caramel glaze and chocolate chunks.


The Airport flavour to your door A Toblerone filled Doughnut with crushed almonds topped with a chocolate glazing and white chocolate drizzle.


The golden experience A luxurious Brownie filled with Nutella and nuts abd topped with a Nutella drizzle.


Strawberry & Cream make the Dream a sweet doughnut filled with Strawberry flavoured white chocolate and topped with strawberry frosting and strawberry balls.


The perfect dessert for breaks. Chocolate glazed doughnut filled with Belgian chocolate, topped with wafer crumbs and Kit Kat chocolate chunks.


Whipping your sweet tooth in to shape A nutty doughnut dipped in milk chocolate, topped with vanilla frosting, chocolate drizzle and a fresh walnut.

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