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About Us—

We have been in the dessert business for almost 9 years now. We were one of the first to create the Dessert trend across Lancashire back then. However, how trends change we change.

Our Donut concept started when we first visited the States in 2018.

We noticed the doughnut game is very big in the states and every trend starts from the states. However, we wanted to create our own twist to the UK market.

We are the first Doughnut shop in Lancashire and we (like to think!) we’ve got the best Doughnuts in town.

All of our doughnuts are freshly made from our dedicated passionate team.

They are handcrafted in a unique way and we use quality ingredients, which add flavours to them to make the very best in the market. Our doughnuts are dipped by hand, filled by hand glazed by hand, devoured by hand. We are the innovators of modern desserts and loud and proud of it.

All of our doughnuts have wacky names, which brings humour to them. They are carefully designed and presented, which will bring the finest taste buds to your mouths. As they say, “we eat with our eyes”


We have some unique flavours like our Desi flavours, “Gulab Jaman, Knafeh and Burfi” and our popular flavours like Kinderilla, Peanutella, Nutty Professor Hocus lotus, Cinnamon Churros, Strawberry Scone, Leamington, Classic French vanilla and many more. You name them will have them or do them. We replicate any chocolate bar and you name it will do it. We are always bringing new fresh flavours.